I just want to do a quick shout out to a few VIP’s, without whom my Welcome to hodgepodge post would not have been possible:

  1. Claire Diaz-Ortiz
    • If you haven’t heard of her, click the link above. She has a fantastic blog and is the reason I decided to dive back into the world of blogging. She has a great post about how to start a self-hosted blog. If you are interested in the world of self-hosted blogging, check out her post here. In fact, the next two VIP’s for my blog are a direct result from that post. The last VIP listed here is a result of another post from Claire concerning how to find free images. Thank you Claire for the inspiration and the tools to make it happen.  :)
  2. bluehost
    • This is the hosting service I use. As mentioned earlier, I found bluehost because of a post from Claire Diaz-Ortiz. I did a lot of research before I finally took Claires advice to use them, but ultimately I found they had the best combination of price, support, and features. Thus far, I am very happy with my decision…
  3. WordPress.org
    • If you are self-hosted then you have to have to have a way to build your website, right? Right. I had previously heard of WordPress, but had never used it. Claire convinced me to give it a try. I am still learning the in’s and out’s, but I can say without a doubt that it is better than the free service I had previously used.
  4. morgueFile
    • Last, but certainly not least, is morgueFile. This is a free photo archive that is absolutely free. All of the images from morgueFile are completely free, with no expectation of link backs, no copyright issues to worry about., nothing, nada. They are F-R-E-E… “free”. (I love that word!) They have a lot of high-quality photos to choose from and the banner for my blog was created solely from images found at this site. Once again, I only new about this site because of Claire.

Once I get everything figured out, all of these VIP’s will have a place of honor in a sidebar. For now, however, they will all have to live on in infamy as part of the very 2nd post of Hodgepodge.