4 surefire ways to kick start your writing

Where do I begin? That’s a very good question, one that I do not have a good answer for. If I try to start at the beginning, will that indeed be the “write” place? In my very limited experience, I would have to say no. The beginning would not be the correct place to begin, nor would it even be possible. You see, the beginning is actually the end. Bear with me for a minute and I will do my best to explain…

When I write, I generally have to have a destination I mind. I need to know how it finishes before I can even start the process. This annoying little problem actually lends itself nicely to functional solution documents (which I am very experienced at writing I might add), but for me this is a horrible obstacle to get past when trying to “author” anything else. Needless to say, writing is not an easy process for me. I generally sit staring blankly at the screen for an incredibly painful amount of time before I give up and move on to something else.

So, where do I start? Let’s start at the end, since it is undoubtedly the beginning…

What is the end-game? In other words, why am I writing this? Using this post as an example, the end game is pretty simple. I want to show readers how horribly difficult easy it is to write.
So now that you know what it is you want to accomplish, what’s next? Good question, I’m glad you asked… I have no clue what you should do next. However, if I were you, I would do one of several things with varying degrees of expected success:

1)  Outline the steps you would follow to get to the ending from a specific point

Is that specific point the beginning? Maybe, but not necessarily… It is easiest for me to illustrate by using a functional solution document as the work in question. (That is what I am most familiar with after all!) In writing a functional solution document sometimes the point you start at is actually a result of some other functional event. In order for your document to be usable, you need to preface your solution with the events that led you to that specific point. This “preface” is actually your starting point, but I have found that it is usually the very last thing I write.

2)  Just start writing and see what comes out

Believe it or not, this actually how this post was started. I didn’t know what to write about so I typed out the words “Where do I start?” on a blank page. The rest just started flowing…

3)  Give up and go to bed!

This option sounds completely counter-intuitive to the process, but I must disagree… When I say give up and go to bed, I don’t truly mean “give up”. What I actually mean is to write down any thoughts or ideas you may have in head and then put the process on pause until you can better put those thoughts and ideas into words. Think of it as a “reset” button on your mind. Sometimes you just need to step away.

4)  Pay someone to write something nice for you to read

In other words, go buy a book or a magazine to read. Browse some blogs. Read something… Sometimes just reading material that someone else has created will spark an idea.


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